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RiberTech provides you with the best FRP systems to ensure superior performance and cost effectiveness. Choose from a selection of gel coat and chop/wet-out systems from the leading manufacturers in the fiberglass and composites fabrication industry. Our products offer the highest quality with easy maintenance and ensure a premium end result.

Ease of Use. Low Maintenance. Cost Effective. Flexibility. First-rate Ratio Control. Consistent Cure Times.

Gel Coat Equipment Industry leading metering/pumping systems for application of Polyester Gelcoats and MEKP on composite tooling for construction of composites fiberglass parts for low and standard volumes in consistent thickness and accurate ratio control.

Chop & Wet-Out Systems Industry leading systems designed to accurately meter and chop fiberglass into a resin spray to provide structural strength to the end product. Used in the construction of composites/fiberglass parts for low, standard and high volume outputs.

Complete SystemComplete System

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